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The Most Cultured Person You Could Know!


I became a big fan of David's when I first read this article in Venice Mag (great interview magazine). I love all culture and being in LA and David embodied all of it. His stories were great and love of culture honest.

Then, into the first couple of years of a daily commute to Irvine, I would submerge myself into the King of All Media, Howard Stern. When David came on the show (being a regular and personal friend of Howard's), I was amazed at how cool and happy he was. He was a natural and normal guy. But, with great stories of and access to so much amazing culture – music, art, travel, talent - truly a Renaissance Man.
*Side note: one of those first times hearing him is my choice for funniest show of all time. replica watches (Hard core fans, Let the poison out!!!)

Later, on air with Howard, he would completely open himself up about a painful time in his life with incredible honesty. I was empathetic and impressed, once again.

And, in the final sign of David's coolness (and sign that I had to talk with David) is his recently proclaimed disdain for the negativity and nonsense taking over our culture.

I needed to let him know about a KindnessContest we were launching. He was right the whole time!!! He should help lead this revolution.
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How can I contact you (link below)? Your thoughts would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Best, Jeff

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