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Equates sensible MILITARY GRADE AUTOMATIC RIFLE regulation to having everyone's guns taken away in totality??? You don't like this scenario: Wolves have less guns. Sheep Dogs have assault rifles and sheep have personal, responsible fire arms? Better to do nothing?

Adam Lanza, at 112 lbs wasn't a wolf... He was a wimp with a high-powered, military grade weapon and was able to kill dozens because of it! So, our laws made him a wolf! He would have been stopped and / or fatally wounded many less with a lower caliber gun. Get this Green Beret book out of your head!

He just can't imagine his daughters being murdered and knowing they would have had somewhat of a better chance at survival without ASSAULT RIFLES being involved. HAVE SOME EMPATHY for the parents whom lost their babies at Sandy Hook.

Some would argue, you are the sheep for the greed of the NRA!

I'm sorry, King. You even started verbalizing like a red-neck, "If there was an air Marshall on board, there WOULDN'T BE NO 9-11!"

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