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Be careful, Coach Carr is Calling!


To write Coach Carr was old-school may be the understatement of the year. A buddy of mine married Lloyd's daughter and soon after learned of the Coach's naivety when it came to technology. Lloyd called the house looking for his daughter, so my buddy thought it would be funny to hear his "serious" father-in-law's reaction to a little practical joke. Here's how the conversation went:

New Son-in-Law: (abruptly answering) What'a you want?

Coach Carr: Excuse me?

Brave Son-in-Law: What do you want?

Coach Carr: What did you just say to me?

Scared Son-in-Law: Coach Carr... I saw it was you on the call waiting, so I was joking and answering the phone all rude ...

Coach Carr: Call waiting? What's call waiting?

Confused Son-in-Law: That's where I can see who's calling before I answer the phone...

LONG PAUSE swiss replica watches

Coach Carr: That's the most amazing thing I have ever heard!

So, next time you're talking to another Michigan tried and true about Coach Carr being great for getting us a National Title, but maybe being a little out of touch with the players ... you are right!

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